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It is known by all that the consumption of fruits and vegetables is beneficial for health. Also, almost everyone knows about fruits, but some fruits are also such, which is known to less people. Actually, such fruits are not easily available in the market, but are beneficial in terms of health. One such fruit is Majuffal. If you do not know about this fruit, no problem, we will give you all kinds of information about it.

What is Oak Gall (Majuphal) :

Majufal is also known as Oak Apple, Oak Gaul, Muskai, Manjakani and Muskie. It is from the family of Fagaceae. Its scientific name is Quercus Infectoria. There are two types of this. The first type is heavy and the exterior is blue and without holes. At the same time, the second type is light, white in color and with holes (1). Its plant is considered important in Ayurveda. Powders made from its fruits, leaves and blisters are used to relieve many problems. There is a special type of insect on the leaves of oak galls, which forms this fruit. When these fruits are planted on the tree, then it is the house of that insect. Five to six months after the fruit is formed, the insect gets out of the leaves and the fruit dries up. Majufal can be used after this.

Benefits of Oak Gall (Majuphal) :

Majufal being an Ayurvedic fruit can have many benefits to the body from its use, which are being explained in detail according to the scientific research below.

1. Oak Gall (Majuphal) For cancer :

Everyone wants to survive a deadly disease like cancer. In this case, the properties of the nut may help in keeping away the cancer problem. A scientific research published in this regard has given that Mazufal has anti-cancer properties. This cancer does not allow cells to grow, which does not cause cancer. Mazufal can prevent mainly cervical cancer and overin cancer from flourishing (1). Keep in mind that do not consider Mazufal as an accurate treatment for cancer. It can only help in survival from cancer. If someone has cancer, he should give priority to medical treatment and use Majufal on the advice of the doctor.

2. Oak Gall (Majuphal) for wound :

The benefits of oozing can also be for wound healing. According to a scientific research, the ethanol extract present in the leaves of a mycelium can cause wound healing. At the same time, according to this research, due to the anti-oxidant enzyme found in the leaves of the nutmeg, wound healing properties work effectively. This research has been done on mice. Yes, if someone’s wound is very serious, get medical treatment first. After that, use Majufal with the advice of a doctor.

3. Beneficial in diabetes :

Beneficial in diabetes
In the case of diabetes, the ointment may prove helpful. Indeed, anti-diabetic activity is found in the ointment, which can act to reduce the amount of glucose in the blood. This can relieve the diabetes problem (1). In such a situation, it can be said that the benefits of Mazufal can improve the condition of diabetes.

4. Oak Gall (Majuphal) For Mouth Ulcers :

The properties of the ointment can relieve mouth ulcers. A medical research published in this regard has given that Majufal has anti-bacterial properties, which can help in destroying oral bacteria. This can effectively treat mouth ulcers (2). Therefore, Mazufal can be used in the event of a mouth ulcer.

5. Oak Gall (Majuphal) For Skin :

Mazufal can also be helpful in relieving many skin problems. According to a research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), Mazufal can work for Ayurvedic treatment of skin inflammation and burnt skin. For this, the healing properties of the nut may be helpful (3). At the moment, further research is needed on this

6. Oak Gall (Majuphal) For diarrhea :

The benefits of the nut may also help in getting rid of diarrhea. According to a scientific research related to this, Mazufal has anti-diarrhea properties, which can help in treating diarrhea effectively. It can also relieve many other stomach related problems.

7. Oak Gall (Majuphal) For Vaginal Disease :

The benefits of Mazufal have also been seen in relieving many vaginal problems. According to a scientific research, the extracts of ointment are found to have antimicrobial effects, which can reduce the problem of vaginal infections. It can also relieve vaginal itching and burning. In addition, the ointment may also help in vaginal tightening (4). In this case, Mazufal can be used to get rid of many vaginal problems.

Nutritive elements :

Mazufal has many nutrients, which makes it so useful. These nutrients mainly include alkaloids, tannins, carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, fats, oils, steroids, volatile oils, glycosides, and flavonoids. There is no research available regarding the amount of these nutrients in the nutmeg.

Use of a nut :

Majufal can be used in many ways, which we are elaborating below.

How to eat:

Majuffle powder can be consumed by adding lukewarm water.
It can be drunk by making tea made with the powder of the nutmeg.
Its powder can be consumed in this way.

When to eat:

It can be taken on an empty stomach in the morning mixed with lukewarm water.
You can take Mazuffal tea in the morning or evening.

How much to eat:

The amount to take Mazufal depends on the age and health of the person consuming it. Nevertheless, it is better to take it in limited quantities. Contact the dietitian to find the right amount of nutmeg for you.

How to keep the ointment safe for a long time?

Majufal is used in two forms. In such a situation, below are how to keep it safe in both these forms:

If someone is buying a nutmeg, put it in an airtight dry container.
At the same time, after opening the packet of Mazufal powder, keep the remaining powder in the air tight compartment along with the packet.
Information still left

In the next part of this article, we are giving information about where to buy Majuffal.

Where to buy Mazufal?

Majufal is a kind of Ayurvedic fruit. Therefore, one can buy it or its powder from a reliable Ayurvedic shop. You can also buy it online, but it is better to buy it from a reliable website. Because, sometimes there are risks of getting fake powder.

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Now we are further talking about the loss of Majuffal.

Side effects of Majuphal (Oak Gall) :

Just as there may be benefits of Majuffal, similarly there may be disadvantages of Mamajufal. These losses are being explained further.

  • People who are allergic to food quickly, they are at risk of allergic reactions.
  • Due to its anti-diabetic properties, taking it in excess can cause a decrease in the blood of normal blood sugar people.
  • Kidney overdose can cause kidney damage.

Majufal is counted among the selected ayurvedic fruits, which are especially used to treat a problem. It is not easily found in the general market like other fruits, but its benefits can be better than other fruits. In such a situation it can be helpful in dealing with any of the problems mentioned above. As you have known that it is ayurvedic fruit, therefore it is important to seek medical advice before battling a serious problem or giving it to pregnant and children. We hope that every information given in our article will prove useful to the reader.

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