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Using oil is a part of our life. Whether cooking or massaging your head, oil is very useful in everything. Use of oils like olive, coconut and mustard is prevalent for them. Apart from these well-known oils, there are many other essential oils, which can benefit us in many ways. In this article of Stylecrase, we are talking about one such oil. It is not a common oil, but fenugreek oil. Shocked? If you do not know much about fenugreek oil, then read this article. Here we are talking about the use of fenugreek oil and the benefits of fenugreek oil. Also, the method of making it and what are the disadvantages of fenugreek oil will also be explained.

Benefits of Fenugreek Oil (Methi ka Tel) :

Its seeds are used to make fenugreek oil. By this, the properties present in fenugreek seeds are absorbed in its oil. For this reason, we are giving below detailed information about the benefits of fenugreek oil based on both fenugreek and fenugreek extracts. Just note that it is not a medical treatment of any serious disease, but it can help in avoiding health problems. Let us know about the benefits of fenugreek oil

1. Fenugreek Oil to lose weight :

Fenugreek oil can be helpful in reducing weight. According to a scientific research published on the website of NCBI (Nation Center for Biotechnology Information), fenugreek extracts contain good amount of fiber and polyphenols (Polyphenols). Both these compounds can help prevent body fat from freezing. Weight decreases automatically by reducing fat. For this reason it is said that fenugreek oil is also inclu ded in the fat reduction method

Fenugreek Oil For Diabetes :

The benefits of fenugreek oil include getting relief from diabetes. According to a medical research published in this regard, fenugreek oil can improve blood glucose level, glucose cholesterol and insulin sensitivity. With the help of all this, the problem of diabetes can be easier to control.

At the same time, another research says that fenugreek oil used with omega-3s can exhibit antidiabetic properties. It has been reported that tolerance of starch and oral glucose can be improved by its use.

3.Fenugreek Oil For Massage :

Fenugreek oil can also be used for massaging. Actually, fenugreek contains golden yellow colored oil, which has antimicrobial activity. For this reason, it can be used for massage. This can prevent bacteria from growing on the skin. In addition, adding fenugreek powder to any massage oil can give it fenugreek properties. It can also improve blood circulation in the body. Also, the nutrients present in it can protect the skin from nutritional deficiency.

4. Breast Enlargement :

Fenugreek is also used in herbal products prepared for breast enlargement. For this reason, it is popular that the benefits of fenugreek oil include breast enlargement. A research related to this mentions that the best enhancement product containing fenugreek does not have side effects, but how effective it will be is not clear. Also, there is no accurate information on whether its use is safe for a long time. For this reason research has said that its use should be avoided.

Also in this research paper it is written that fenugreek contains diosgenin. It is known to stimulate the development of mammary glands, but no such properties have been revealed during research. Yes, it can do the job of maturing the breast.

5. Fenugreek Oil For boils :

Fenugreek oil can be used in the treatment of boils. Actually, one reason of abscesses and skin abscess is bacterial infection. The antimicrobial effect present in fenugreek oil can help eliminate these germs. In addition, fenugreek seed paste can also be used on boils. For this reason, the benefits of fenugreek and fenugreek oil include curing boils

6.Fenugreek Oil For the skin :

The benefits of fenugreek oil are of course many. It can be helpful in getting rid of many skin related problems. It can reduce aging by fighting free-radicals. According to a scientific research published in this regard, fenugreek extracts have antioxidant effect, which can clear facial complexion.

Not only this, it also exhibits anti-wrinkle reducing wrinkles. Also it is considered helpful in moisturizing and softening the skin. To get these benefits, cream containing fenugreek extracts can be used or by adding drops of fenugreek oil to the normal cream.

7.Fenugreek OilFor hair :

Many hair problems can be relieved by using fenugreek oil. According to a scientific research, fenugreek seeds contain a good amount of protein, which can reduce the problem of hair loss, thinning and baldness.

Also fenugreek seeds also contain lecithin, which can help strengthen hair and moisturize them. In addition, its use can also reduce the problem of dandruff. It is said that all these benefits from fenugreek can also be present in fenugreek oil. For this reason, there are many hair products containing fenugreek oil in the market.

8.Fenugreek Oil Nutritional Value :

Fenugreek oil is essential oil, which is used to make fenugreek seeds. In this case, fenugreek seeds can also have nutrients in fenugreek oil. For this reason, through the table below, we are presenting the nutritious ingredients of fenugreek.

In the next part of this article we will talk about the use of fenugreek oil.

How to use fenugreek oil :

Fenugreek oil can be used in many ways. Know below how to use fenugreek oil.

How to use:

A few drops of fenugreek oil can be applied on the skin after mixing it in cream.
This oil can also be used on hair. It can be applied by mixing coconut oil.
Massage can be done with this oil.
A few drops of this can also be consumed on the advice of a doctor.
How much to use:

Fenugreek oil should always be used in limited quantities. It is essential oil, so some of its drops can be used by mixing it with other oils. Eight to ten drops will be enough for massage. This oil can be used to apply to the hair according to the length of the hair. If you want to consume it, then take it in the prescribed quantity by the doctor only.

How to make Fenugreek oil
Everyone can easily make fenugreek oil. All that is required is to know the method of making fenugreek oil, which we are explaining below.


One cup fenugreek seeds
½ cup virgin coconut oil

To make fenugreek oil, fry fenugreek seeds in a pan.
For this, keep the flame light and it will be roasted in about 5 to 10 minutes.
Now fry the fenugreek seeds and grind them after placing them in a grinding jar.
Then put this powder in coconut oil.
Now let it soak in coconut oil for a few hours.
When the fenugreek color comes in coconut oil, sieve it with a sieve.
Then pour the oil in an air tight bottle and the remaining powder can be used to make a hair mask.
Fenugreek oil is just ready.
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Now take a look at how to keep fenugreek oil safe for a long time.

How to keep fenugreek oil safe for a long time – How to Store Fenugreek Oil
There is no need to do anything special to keep fenugreek oil safe for a long time. Just keep the fenugreek oil in the airtight box. Yes, keep it from direct sunlight and keep it in a cool place. If you are buying fenugreek oil from the market, then expiry date is written in it. Use it accordingly and do not keep it in the sun.

Let us now know which is the right place to buy fenugreek oil.

Where to buy fenugreek oil?

By the way, we have explained how to make fenugreek oil at home. Still, if you want to buy ready-made fenugreek oil, you can buy it from the nearby beauty stores. If there is a shop selling essential oil, it can be found there too. Apart from this, it is also easily available in large shopping marts. You can also buy it online. Just keep in mind that buy it from a reliable shopkeeper and check the expiry date

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In the next part of this article, we are giving information about the loss of fenugreek oil.

Fenugreek Oil (Methi ka Tel)
Just as fenugreek oil has its benefits, fenugreek oil can also cause some damage. These disadvantages are as follows.

Sensitive people may be allergic to it.
As we mentioned above, it can reduce the amount of glucose. For this reason, people taking diabetes medicines should not consume it.
Whether it is safe for children and girls is not clear. For this reason, before taking fenugreek oil, consult a doctor.
Fenugreek oil is rich in many beneficial nutrients, due to which its use can prove beneficial for the body. In such a situation, if you also want to use fenugreek oil, you can easily make it at home using the method mentioned in the article. There will not be any fear of adulteration by making fenugreek oil at home and the body will also benefit from the properties present in it. It is not a matter of double happiness. Simply, now make fenugreek oil quickly and start using it. Yes, sensitive people should also consult a doctor once before using it.

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